Political Science PhD admission decisions

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After I submitted my last application to Political Science PhD programs in 2019, my admission-induced anxiety was mainly coming from not knowing when I’d hear back.

I made a little app using results posted on GradCafe so it would be easier to look up admission dates this year.

Data is coming from self-reported results and as such is subject to a number of biases. This year will also plausibly differ from previous cycles because of the pandemic, but this may still prove helpful to some people. You can find discussions about this and about more on Grad Cafe’s political science forum.

I have only included US schools from this USNWR ranking, because of time considerations linked with the data cleaning.

Select the school you have applied to and hover over past admission decisions (the colored dots) to get an idea of when you might expect results this year.

The app is built with R Shiny (code is available on GitHub).